Final Fantasy Agito’s Story And New Characters Detailed

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Final Fantasy Agito is an upcoming free-to-play title that will give players a look at the history of the first bout of Final Fantasy Type-0. The game will also feature many familiar characters from the game. Famitsu shares a look at the two recently introduced characters, and more.


First, here’s a look at Final Fantasy Agito’s story:


For the better part of the past thousand years, the world of Orience has been at war, as mankind continued fighting for the four crystals.


As the great war nears its end, the dictator’s plan to take over the world is set in motion.


In the midst of the raging battles, a ray of hope will save mankind from destruction—Agito.


The young boys and girls who gather together, with the aim of becoming Agito [Cadets].


In order to end the era of war, they throw their bodies into the battlefield.


Peace or war? Allegiance or resistance?


The Cadets’ determination will decide the future of the world.

The first cycle that surpasses the spiral of 600 million.


Tono Mahoroha:

Refusing the associate with others, Tono has a cold attitude towards those around her. It is said that she has certain characteristics that comes from past injuries.


Lean Hamplemann:

Lean is a young genius scientist from the neighboring country, the Mirites Empire. He follows and aims for Cid’s ideal of “The Empire will conquer Orience”.


The above screenshot provides a look at the Magic Academy where the Agito Cadets will be spending their days. There are various facilities, where you’ll be able to accept requests and communicate with friends.


By talking to different characters within the Magic Academy, you’ll be able to become friends with characters from Final Fantasy Type-0, such as the scythe-wielding Sice, shown above.


Missions will be the main part of the game, where you’ll be tapping the “Ability Icon” to pull off skills. The “Chain” feature allows you to register a combination of abilities, which will let you consecutively launch the skills. There will also be bonuses for certain skill setups.


Setting up the right skills will be important, but it’ll also be crucial to take friends who’ll be able to support you while in combat.


For subjugation missions, you’ll be taking a platoon of friends to fight powerful enemies. The targets will have high HP and attack, so the fights won’t be easy. Using the abilities from jobs you level up in regular missions will be the key to winning these fights.


Finally, by using the recipes and material gained from missions, you’ll be able to create or enhance equipments and abilities. Enhancing equipment will also change its appearance.


Final Fantasy Agito will be released this spring for Android and iOS devices in Japan.

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