Final Fantasy Bosses Take Over Nissin’s Cup Noodles In Latest Collaboration



We’ve all seen Nissin’s Cup Noodles take over Final Fantasy XV with ads in the game and a hilarious parody trailer, and now Final Fantasy is sending in its most fearsome bosses to take on the noodle giants.


The collaboration, which was announced during the Final Fantasy 30th anniversary event today, brings boss characters from the Final Fantasy series, from Final Fantasy through Final Fantasy XV, and they’ll appear as a set of 15 Cup Noodle packs that will be available for pre-order in Japan starting February 1 at 10:00am JST for the price of 6,048 yen.



Here’s what they look like:


Image 1

Chaos from Final Fantasy I and Emperor Mateus from Final Fantasy II.


Image 3

Cloud of Darkness from Final Fantasy III and Zeromus from Final Fantasy IV.


Image 4

Exdeath from Final Fantasy V and Kefka from Final Fantasy VI.


Image 5

Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII and Ultimecia from Final Fantasy VIII.


Image 6

Kuja (Trance) from Final Fantasy IX and Seymour from Final Fantasy X.


Image 9

Shadow Lord from Final Fantasy XI and Gabranth from Final Fantasy XII.


Image 10

Orphan from Final Fantasy XIII and Bahamut from Final Fantasy XIV.


Image 16

Ardyn Izunia from Final Fantasy XV.



Additionally, 30 lucky people that purchase the set of 15 boss-themed Cup Noodles will get the “Ultima Weapon Fork,” a 60cm fork made in Ultima Weapon form:






They showed the Ultima Weapon fork at the 30th anniversary event as well to give you a better idea of its size:


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