Square Enix announced that its smartphone game Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius is getting a musical called Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius – The Musical in Japan this March at Tokyo and Kobe.


Fumiya Matsuzaki who has worked on stage adaptations of everything from Mobile Suit Gundam to BlazBlue is the director in charge of the script. The Tokyo showings start March 6, 2020 and ends March 15, 2020 at The Galaxy Theatre. The Kobe showings start March 20, 2020 and ends March 29, 2020 at the AiiA 2.5 Theater Kobe.


Early sales will be available through a lottery from the game as well as the Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Digital Ultimania. Square Enix will announce more information in December.


Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius is available on iOS and Android.

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