Final Fantasy Dimensions II Announced For Smartphone In Japan




Following the teaser of a new Final Fantasy game by Chrono Trigger and Parasite Eve director Takashi Tokita, Square Enix has revealed the game as Final Fantasy Dimensions II (Final Fantasy Legends II in Japan) for smartphone.


The video has a message from Tokita that was shared on the website, saying “Final Fantasy is about characters overflowing with personality, dramatic battles about anger and sorrow, and more than anything, fantasy, which we mustn’t forget.”


It follows up with a new message from Tokita, saying that the previous game Warriors of Light and Darkness was followed up and inherited by Final Fantas Legends: Space-Time Crystal, but Final Fantasy Dimensions II will be a reborn title, where we’ll get to witness the legend of a new kind of space-time.


Final Fantasy Dimensions II is in development for Android and iOS.

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