In addition to cameo appearances of past heroes from the series, Final Fantasy Explorers brings plenty of familiar job classes, monsters and summons. The latest issue of Jump magazine shows us a first look at Bahamut along with new job details. [Thanks, @kazu4281]



The three jobs shown have the following descriptions:


  • Dragoon: Users of the “Jump” ability that lets them blow a powerful attack  from above the enemies. Ability: Jump.


  • Beastmaster: In addition to being able to control monsters, they have a skill that lets them absorb health from enemies they hit. Ability: Berserk.


  • Dark Knight: Damage-dealers with powerful strikes. Using scythes and axes, they have plenty of attacking range to work with. Ability: Power Blood.


As far as fighting Bahamut goes, it is said that he can breathe out attacks of various elements, and will also do some rushing attacks and attacks that rumble the ground. Fighting Bahamut will consist of both ground and aerial combat.


As previously reported, whenever you defeat a monster there’s a chance they can drop a Spirit Stone, which can then be used to create an allied version of the monster. Some monsters look pretty large, so it could also be pretty cool to see miniature forms of them. Maybe even a mini-Bahamut?


Final Fantasy Explorers is slated for release in Japan on December 18, 2014 for Nintendo 3DS. You can also read Siliconera’s hands-on for the demo of the game during Tokyo Game Show 2014, to check out how Spencer fared using Dragoon against Ifrit.

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