Final Fantasy Explorers Developers Detail The Trance System And Fight Ramuh

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Square Enix recently held their second Final Fantasy Explorers livestream session as part of their ongoing “Square Enix Japan Presents” program that will focus on upcoming games. In the second episode, they share more details on the latest job, and challenge Ramuh.


At the start of the stream, the team showed off a few new tracks, including Ramuh’s theme, which had a nice rock-vibe going on.


There’s about a total of 20 battle themes, which is actually the majority of music tracks in Final Fantasy Extreme, according to composer Tsuyoshi Sekito. When asked if he’s had any trouble, he said that most of them were easy, but he did struggle with the main theme.



There are four types of jobs in Final Fantasy Explorers. The Tanks are in charge of handling the monsters, and will also face the bosses head-on. The Attackers, or damage dealers, will be the ones in charge of doing damage, and these will have the most jobs of all.


Healers, like White Mage, are in charge of healing, but they can also participate in attacks. Square Enix say that you can’t be a great healer unless you also participate in attacking or go with some additional support.


Finally, the Buffers, or supporters, have jobs like Time Mage and Geomancer, who are there to primarily support the party with spells like Haste. Similar to the Healers, players who go with Buffers can also attack, but as far as how much, it depends on their play-style.


In the end, ability customizations, will play a bigger role on how you get to play your jobs.



Square Enix also explained a little more about the Trance system, which was a little confusing to some people. Going Trance is split into two “powers,” one that lets you use the power from Summoned Beasts, and the other that lets you borrow power from Final Fantasy characters.


Both transformations will give your character a different appearance, and a boost in parameters. More details on the Trance system and the powers will be revealed in the near future.


Next, they took on Ramuh as part of the featured Summoned Beast fight, with a party of Paladin, Dragoon, Dark Knight, Dragoon, and Geomancer. The challenge this time around, is to see if they can win without a proper healer.


The Dragoon’s Jump will go to whatever you’re locked onto, but if you’re not, it’ll go a fixed distance ahead of you. Meanwhile, Geomancers can set up traps like landmines, and use area-of-effect buffing abilities that cover a wide range around them.


Due to the lack of healer, some of the characters have equipped the Cura ability, which costs more and not as effective when used by non-healer jobs.


During the fight against Ramuh, the Summoned Beast is shown teleporting around. There are yellow crystals located throughout the map, which can be broken to stop Ramuh from teleporting; however, the crystals respawn as well.


The Paladin uses Ifrit’s Summon power in Trance mode, which he was able to time after a teleport to land a powerful meteor hit. While it wasn’t enough to defeat Ramuh, the group managed to work their way around his Thunder attacks, and took him down shortly after.


Final Fantasy Explorers will release in Japan on December 18, 2014 for Nintendo 3DS.

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