Final Fantasy Explorers-Force Gets First Screens And Details, And It Looks Great So Far

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Square Enix recently revealed Final Fantasy Explorers-Force, an upcoming smartphone game based on the 3DS action RPG. Here are its first story details and a closer look with some new screenshots.


001 004



They’re known as Soldiers.


These warriors are part of an international alliance of peace known as “FORCE,” and it consists of members who’ve trained their bodies and sharpened their minds to become specialists of exploration.


Most of them were once called “Explorers,” as many put everything into exploring the world.


The world was thrown into the chaos of a great war. During this battle, which lasted several decades, the land and atmosphere were exhausted. And because of the foolish actions of mankind, they were met with calamity. Summoned Beasts began appearing around the world.


Facing overwhelming threat, mankind decided to set aside differences to form a truce. This organization would go against the Summoned Beasts, and they would later go on to be known as the International Alliance of Peace.


50 years after the calamity—a youth who lives by the frontier sets foot on a journey top become a Soldier of the International Alliance of Peace. Little does the youth know. The fate of the world will soon get entangled in a major happening.



007 008

Similar to the Final Fantasy Explorers game on 3DS, the game focuses on its many jobs that you’ll get to level up and party with up to five people. You’ll also get to change equipment that has their own appearances to go with it.


Here’s a look at some of the jobs that have been confirmed so far:

013 015

Thief and Monk

014 016

Paladin and Time Mage

017 018

Ranger and White Mage

019 020

Dragoon and Black Mage



And just like in Final Fantasy Explorers, you’ll get to go Trance (transform) into Final Fantasy heroes using crystals to take on tough enemies. Here’s a few that’s been shown so far:


028 029

Cloud and Squall

032  030 031


Vaan, Tidus, and Lightning

And finally, a look at some of the Summoned Beasts:

021 022

Ifrit and Titan

023 025

Diabolos and Fenrir

026 034

Ramuh and Bahamut





Final Fantasy Explorers-Force releases in Japan in 2017 for iPhone and Android.

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