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Final Fantasy Explorers Shows How To Use Powerful Crystal Drive Attacks



Final Fantasy Explorers has a bunch of job classes, including the recently revealed Red Mage and Machinist, along with all kinds of Summoned Beasts like Leviathan and Odin. Square Enix shows off some of the basics and advanced features of the upcoming 3DS title.


The above is a demonstration showing the basics about Final Fantasy Explorers. Starting at the home base village of Libertus, you’ll pick quests, change equipment, and more. Once a quest is started, you and your allies will head out to the fields.


Similar to other games of the hunting genre, the fields consist of various monsters to take down and hotspots to gather material. After finishing the quest objective, the players will return to Libertus, where gathered material can then be used to create weapons and armor.


As you advance through the game, more recipes to create better equipment will be available. By getting better gear, you’ll get to challenge tougher quests, where you might encounter some Summoned Beasts to fight.


The second video is all about the game’s Crystal Drive feature. By hitting enemies in combat, you’ll accumulate something called the “Resonance Power,” which is located on the top-left of the screen. Once you get enough Resonance Power, you can use a Crystal Drive to do a special attack.


Crystal Drives will vary according to the number of Resonance, where you use it, and the ability selected for it. In Multiplayer mode, allies can support the Crystal Drive user to further enhance its capabilities.


As seen at the 0:38 mark of the video against the big Cactuar, there are all kinds of special attacks that vary depending on the field you’re located in, such as the desert map shown in the footage, which brought out a huge dust devil attack.


Final Fantasy Explorers is slated for release in Japan on December 18, 2014 for Nintendo 3DS.

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