Final Fantasy Explorers Shows The Usefulness Of The Thief And Alchemist Jobs

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Job classes like Paladin, White Mage, and Dragoon are among some of the most popular choices, but Final Fantasy Explorers’ Thief and Alchemist look like they’ll be interesting to play as, especially in multiplayer. Square Enix shows us what they’re about in the latest trailers.



The Thief job is an attacker class that focuses on mobility, accuracy, and evasion. They possess unique abilities like Steal and passive abilities like Connoisseur that helps that get all kinds of items.


The Steal ability is helpful for whenever you want to farm items, and the Thief job is overall pretty versatile with ability combinations, making them useful and effective damage-dealers.



The Alchemist job sounds like it will be very useful, as their item usage is more effective than others, and they also have a unique ability called “Alchemy” that lets them use items without losing any from your inventory.


They’re likely one of the more useful jobs in the game, as they’re considered effective as buffers and healers as well. As for attacking, they use guns so they can safely chip in some damage from a distance.


Final Fantasy Explorers will release in Japan on December 18, 2014 for the Nintendo 3DS.

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