More Final Fantasy Figurines Than You Can Shake A Buster Sword At


This year, Square Enix showed off a bunch of the brand new Final Fantasy Variant Play Arts and Static Art figurines that are so, so pretty and so, so bad for our wallets at the New York Toy Fair.


But we’ll open them anyway because LOOK AT THIS BAHAMUT ABOVE. LOOK AT IT! So detailed and its body parts and tail are fully articulated for splendor. And… it’s not available for pre-order just yet. You’ll just have to wait.


However, the first in the set, the Hero of Light ($120), is available for pre-order now. Following that is also the Dragoon Knight that look spectacularly good in the details department. Take a look at them below.





There’s also this line of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII Static Art figurines such as Cloud and Sephiroth, who you can see below. Too cute!





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If you’re ever feeling stressed, know that this Chocobo and Cactuar are waiting for you to squeeze them, too.


And finally, not to be left out is also Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remaster with brand new Play Arts Kai versions of Tidus and Yuna who still aren’t that cheap at $79.99 each, but very pose-able and breathtakingly gorgeous.


You can view more images over at Square Enix’s Play Arts Twitter account.