Nintendo DS

Final Fantasy III: More anticipated than FFXII?


Sure, there are people who have been looking forward to FFXII for a while, but I think anticipation for FFIII is higher.  People who never got the chance to play it on the NES now have a chance to play a remade version on the DS.  While this may upset 2D Final Fantasy purists, the step into the 3D world may entice players who were otherwise uninterested in this installment.  For people who have played the original, I’m sure they’re holding their breath to see how a 3D remake of a 2D classic will be received by gaming public.


Having never played the original, I’m looking forward to playing FFIII without any of the disappointments that come from something being remade in a way I don’t like.  I hope they don’t change too much from the NES game.  I expect the difficulty to be the same, with the same amount of random encounters. Being a portable game, the "save anywhere" function is a must, which is why I was glad they brought it into the GBA port of FFV.


After playing I&II: Dawn of Souls, which I thought were a little too simple, I’m looking forward to the job changing system.  The ability to change jobs and sub jobs throughout the game will increase replayability.  Maybe after I beat the game the first time through, I’ll attempt to beat it again with only a freelancer party.

Louise Yang