Final Fantasy III Update Adds an Auto Battle Option and Gallery

final fantasy iii update final fantasy 3 update

Now might be the best time to return to one of Square Enix’s classic RPGs, as a major Final Fantasy III update has appeared for both the PC and mobile versions of the game. While each one has its own additions, there are a few universal changes that appear in both. Most notably, people can now select “auto battle” during fights or look through a gallery.

The other Final Fantasy III update features tend to vary based on platform. For example, new languages are available in both the PC and mobile versions. The PC version can now be played in Japanese, Korean, Thai, Simple Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. However, Android and Apple iOS devices are only getting Korean and Thai, as they already had the other language options.

Larger displays are also available, but how large varies based on platforms. On PCs, people can now choose 21:9 as an option. If you have a mobile device, then things like an iPhone X now have a full-screen display.

As for the exclusive features, it seems like each one has two. On PCs, there is a new UI option that looks different than the one it shared with mobile devices and the control scheme changed a bit. If someone is playing on an Android or Apple iOS device, they can now see the opening cutscene and hear every song from the soundtrack.

Final Fantasy III first appeared on the Famicom in Japan, before being remade and released on the Nintendo DS. The remake later appeared on the PlayStation Portable, PC, Ouya, and both Android and Apple iOS devices.

Jenni Lada
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