Final Fantasy IV Fan Game Tells An An Alternate Storyline



Fan game Final Fantasy IV Alter Destiny is a reimagining of the original Final Fantasy IV, but with an alternate timeline where major story events took different turns.




Using the PSP version as a visual basis, Final Fantasy IV Alter Destiny takes players through a changed plot for the original game. Important plot points, such as Rydia joining the party or Kain leaving it after the incident in Mist, have all been changed, taking the game’s story down a different path.




A few other aspects of the game have been changed as well. There is now an encounter radar to give players a better indication on when they’ll get in a fight, and enemies have their own health bars during combat. The developer has also added a new hidden area and arena.




Final Fantasy IV Alter Destiny can be downloaded for free from the RPG Maker forums and GameJolt.

Alistair Wong
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