Final Fantasy: Record Keeper Celebrating 10 Million Downloads With Giveaways



Final Fantasy: Record Keeper is celebrating over 10 million downloads of the game with free in-game rewards that will be available at set times over the next few days.


Players can log in and collect 5 Mythril, as well as a Celebration Grimoire that contains a unique Soul Break for Tyro. Players can also enter a special draw to win between 5 and 100 Mythril, with 30000 prizes available. This event will run until March 7.


Additional events will also be running. Goldor’s Manor, which is 2 dungeons that award 3 Mythril and 1 Major Growth Egg each (only for first time completion), will run from now until March 6.


The other event, The Lone Wolf’s Lament, is based on Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, and will offer players a new outfit for Cloud using the game’s new Wardrobe Record function. This event runs until March 10. Future events will offer more Wardrobe Records for other characters.


The event will also offer a new system, Burst Soul Break, which temporarily boosts a characters stats and gives them access to special abilities that can be used repeatedly so long as they’re still in Burst mode. Cloud will be able to use one called Fenrir Drive during The Lone Wolf’s Lament.

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