Final Fantasy VI — under its original localized title, Final Fantasy III — is finally up this week on the Wii Virtual Console in the U.S. Meanwhile, Kirby’s Dream Land for the Game Boy is out on the 3DS Virtual Console.


Final Fantasy VI costs 800 Wii Points, while Kirby’s Dream Land will set you back $3.99 on the Nintendo 3DS eShop.


Meanwhile, amongst the week’s DSiWare titles is an action RPG called The Lost Town, by Circle Entertainment, a developer based in Hong Kong. The Lost Town takes place in a remote town in the South American Andes in the year 2037.



Following a week of heavy rain, a power outage causes an explosion at a biochemical military facility. Chilia has special powers. A girl, Chilia, who has special powers emerges amidst all this, and you play as her, trying to locate and rescue survivors from a resulting monster outbreak.


The Lost Town costs 500 Points on DSiWare ($4.99 through the Nintendo 3DS eShop).



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