Final Fantasy VI, VII, And X Songs Played By The London Symphony Orchestra


image Square Enix announced that they’ll be releasing a Blu-Ray disc featuring orchestrated songs from Final Fantasy VI, VII and X titled Final Symphony – music from FINAL FANTASY VI, VII, and X. A second disc bundled with the Blu-ray includes MP3 files so fans can take the classy arrangements anywhere they go.


The London Symphony Orchestra, who helped record the score for Star Wars and Harry Potter, performed the Final Fantasy songs with recording done in Abby Road Studios. The album includes ten songs, including two three-movement pieces for Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X. Here’s the songlist:


1. Fantasy Overture – Circle within a Circle within a Circle

2. Final Fantasy VI – Symphonic Poem: Born with the Gift of Magic (Terra’s theme, Kefka, Esper World, and Battle)

3 – 5 – Final Fantasy X Piano Concerto (To Zanarkand, Hymn of the Fayth, Thunder Plains, Assault)

I. Zanarkand
II. Inori
III. Kessen

6. Final Fantasy X – Suteki de ne

7 – 9 – Final Fantasy VII – Symphony In Three Movements (FFVII Main Theme, J-E-N-O-V-A, Tifa’s Theme, The Great Warrior)

I. Nibelheim Incident
II. Words Drowned by Fireworks
III. The Planet’s Crisis

10. Final Fantasy VII Continue?

11. Final Fantasy Series Fight, Fight, Fight!


Final Symphony will go on sale on September 16 for 4,860 yen.