Final Fantasy VII, Earthbound, And Kingdom Hearts II Concert To Be Held In June



While the Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and other popular series get their own concerts in Japan, the upcoming Game Symphony Japan concert sounds like it’ll be an equally big event for fans of video game music. The official website shares more information on the event.


The Game Symphony Japan 10th concert will feature a symphonic suite for Final Fantasy VII, which will go on for approximately 100 minutes. Additionally, there will also be symphonic music for Earthbound, Kingdom Hearts II, and Live A Live.


The music will be performed by Game Symphony Japan, professional musicians who specialize in orchestrated renditions of popular video game music. They’ve worked with various musicians such as Nobuo Uemats, Yoko Shimomura, Hideki Sakamoto, Noriyuki Iwadare, Hiroki Kikuta, Keiki Kobayashi, and Michiko Naruke, to name a few.


The GSJ 10th concert will take place on June 7, 2015 at The Symphony Hall in Osaka. Following, is the 11th concert in Ibaraki prefecture on June 20, then the 12th and 13th concert on June 24th and 27th in Moscow, Russia, and back to Tokyo this October for their 14th Concert performance.


While the above mentioned titles have been revealed for the 10th concert that will take place in Osaka, the following concerts will likely have different performances for other video game soundtracks. The site mentions that the Tokyo concert for this October will be a special “Sega-only video game music concert”.

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