Final Fantasy VII FFVII Rebirth event at Tokyo Tower
Image courtesy of Square Enix and Co-Lab Tokyo

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Physical Event Will Appear at Tokyo Tower

A Final Fantasy VII Rebirth-themed collaboration event will appear soon at Tokyo Tower. The event will primarily take place at the Co-Lab Tokyo store located on the second floor of the tower’s Foot Town. It will run from mid-February 2024 to early March 2024.

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To enter the event, children aged 15 or under can purchase a ticket at ¥2,200 (~$14.65), while those aged older will have to pay ¥2,750 (~$18.32). They will then receive a Final Fantasy VII-branded ticket used to access Tokyo Tower’s Main Deck, a Word Rally mini-game sheet, and a branded pen.

The Word Rally game will have participants find panels of Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, Yuffie, Zack, and Sephiroth that are scattered inside the Tokyo Tower and jot down the words listed on each of them. After submitting a completed entry, they can win a metallic postcard featuring one of the characters.

The store will also feature new merchandise modeled after Cloud, Zack, and Sephiroth. People who make purchases of over ¥3,000 will also receive a bonus random circular sticker.

The full merchandise list, along with the item prices in Japanese yen, is available right below:

  • Trading tin badge: ¥550 for a random item
  • Acrylic keychain: ¥770 individually
  • Acrylic diorama: ¥2,970
  • Mini acrylic stand: ¥660 individually
  • Charm: ¥880
  • Tin magnet: ¥660
  • Canvas art: ¥3,300
  • T-shirt (M or L size): ¥3,630
  • Strawberry Popcorn: ¥756 (available from February 29, 2024)

The Tokyo Tower has been hosting numerous collaboration events that feature major video games. Atlus previously held a Persona 5 Tactica event at RED° Tokyo Tower from mid-November 2023 to December 2023. Right after the first event ended, the company chained the sequence with a Persona 3 Reload event that ran through January 2024.

The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth physical event will take place at the Tokyo Tower from February 17, 2024, to March 7, 2024. Square Enix will release the video game for PlayStation 5 worldwide on February 29, 2024, while this event is still ongoing.

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