Square Enix has a demo for Final Fantasy VII Remake for fans to check out at Tokyo Game Show 2019 and footage has been going up online with more action from Cloud and Barret.


The demo appears to be an updated version of the one from E3 2019, so it’s mostly the same area and boss fight.


First, here’s a new 4K gameplay video from PlayStation Access with some impressions.


Dengeki’s gameplay video is actually pretty useful with info on the abilities, so we’ll take a closer look at this one:


Cloud Strife

  • Attack (Square button) – Great sword slashes. Mash the button for combos.
  • Braver (Uses 1 ATB) – Dashes towards an enemy for a single slash attack.
  • Burst Slash (Uses 1 ATB) – A thrust attack that helps fill up your Burst Gauge.
  • Fire (Uses 1 ATB + 4 MP) – Shoots a fire ball attack.
  • Cure (Uses 1 ATB + 5 MP) – Recovers a small amount of HP for an ally.
  • Blizzard (Uses 1 ATB + 4 MP) – Shoots an icicle attack.
  • Cross Slash (Limit) – A devastating slash attack in the shape of the kanji “凶” (which can stand for wicked, bad luck, bane).


Barret Wallace

  • Attack (Square button) – Shoots using his right-hand gun. You can hold down the button for continuous fire.
  • Fuel Burst (Uses 1 or more ATB) – Consumes entire ATB gauge for a powerful energy shot. This fills up a big chunk of your Burst gauge.
  • Thunder (Uses 1 ATB + 4 MP) – Drops a sure hit lightning attack.
  • Grenade Bomb (Limit) – Concentrates energy for an area-wide explosive shot.


Check out some more gameplay footage from TGS 2019 below:






IGN Japan




Game Watch


Game Informer




Final Fantasy VII Remake releases for PlayStation 4 on March 3, 2020. Check our previous report for a look at the latest trailer from TGS 2019 where we got a first look at Reno, Rude, Tseng, and more.

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