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Final Fantasy VII Remake Red XIII 3D Ad Appears in Tokyo

Final Fantasy VII Remake Red Ad

A 3D advertisement featuring Red XIII from Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade has appeared in the Tokyo neighborhood of Omotesando. The billboard plays a video of Red XIII looking down at pedestrians, taking naps, and running from Shinra helicopters. The advertisement will play periodically until January 2, 2022. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

The 3D Red advertisement coincides with a discounted sale of Final Fantasy VII Remake on the PlayStation Store, starting December 22, 2021. The minute-long video shows Red XIII running from Shinra forces whilst taking the occasional nap. He also falls into a pile of toys, accidentally wears a pair of joke glasses, and blows a party horn. In the end, a pair of shutter doors close on Red’s snout, revealing the Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade logo.

You can check out the video courtesy of Famitsu below:

The new advertisement is part of a larger campaign that began last week after Square Enix released a new promotional video featuring the character. That initial video revealed that Red XIII had escaped from Shinra labs. According to the official FFVII Remake website, Square Enix will release another video sometime in the near future.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is immediately available on the PS4. Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is available on the PlayStation 5 and PC via Epic Game Store.

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