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Final Fantasy VII Remake Skytree in Midgar Goods Available to Purchase Online

Final Fantasy VII Remake Skytree in Midgar Event Goods

Due to the abrupt cancellation of the Final Fantasy VII Remake Skytree in Midgar event, all goods sold at the location will be available to purchase online. The event was temporarily closed from March 1-15, 2020, due to concerns regarding COVID-19. Though the event officially ends on April 22, 2020, Japan has just issued a state of emergency effectively putting Tokyo in lock down. [Thanks, GAME Watch!]

However, for fans that want to get their hands on these exclusive piece of merchandise the Japanese Square Enix storefront has them in stock. These Final Fantasy VII Remake goods include a clipboard, t-shirt, key chains, buttons, and a tumbler. The stock for these items is limited, so once they sell out they’re gone for good. Purchases above ¥5,000 (around $46) will also receive another limited issue item with their order.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake Skytree in Midgar event was held in the Tokyo Skytree. Fans were given the opportunity to walk through various themed areas and try out an exclusive Final Fantasy VII inspired menu. Key art from the game was also on display, including several spots where fans could check out replicas of Cloud’s motorcycle and Buster Sword.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is available for PlayStation 4. Want to know how we felt about the first part of Final Fantasy VII Remake? Feel free to check out our impressions here.

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