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Final Fantasy VII Remake’s New Image Shows What Appears To Be The Air Buster Boss Fight



We’re still waiting to see more of Final Fantasy VII Remake ever since Square Enix said that they’ve revamped some of the designs, but we got a glimpse at a new screenshot from the job recruitment page for Business Division 1. [Thanks @DKHF4 via Resetera.]


The above image featuring development leader Naoki Hamaguchi shows a new image of Final Fantasy VII Remake, and what appears to be the Air Buster boss you fight early in the game.


Here’s a closer look:



Here’s the Air Buster from the original Final Fantasy VII as a comparison:



Final Fantasy VII Remake is in development for PlayStation 4. The last time we heard about it, it was confirmed that Nobuo Uematsu is working on music for the game.

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