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Final Fantasy VII Remake Progress Shared In A New Job Listing For Core Members


Final Fantasy VII Remake

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Square Enix recently put up a new job listing seeking level planners for Final Fantasy VII Remake. The recruitment message has info on its requirements and a progress update on the game’s development.


Here are the highlights for the job listing from Square Enix:

  • A major project of fully remaking Final Fantasy VII on PlayStation 4.
  • Can work in the best development environment!
  • Gain experience in a flat organization, use your talents to your heart’s content.
  • Recruiting core members for the project!
  • Work on a big title for a chance to help your career!
  • Enjoy flexibility with discretionary work system and good benefits.


As the level planner, you’ll organize the workflow of location development, brainstorm level designs for each location, and implement data using Unreal Engine 4.




Square Enix shared the current state of progress for the project:


While Final Fantasy VII Remake’s programs for  general functions and contents are being tested within the development team as required, the part about reproducing the original work in high-quality graphics is reaching a satisfactory standard, and we’ve come to the conclusion that in order to meet fan expectations we must increase its quality another step higher.


Therefore, in addition to the current members for the Final Fantasy VII Remake development, we must establish a core group that includes level planners, battle planners, designers, engineers, and various types of jobs to tackle on the production of the big title.


We expect those of you who apply for this position to become an active core member.



Square Enix is seeking those with game planning experience for console games, specifically those with experience in level design. The required skills are experience in level design and HD game development, with a big plus for those with experience in game development on Unreal Engine 4.


The company states that this job recruitment is by no means a request for a pinch hitter (a last minute replacement) for dealing with work volume. They are currently in the thought process of creating a world of Final Fantasy VII that is being resurrected for the modern times. Square Enix hopes to add members that can work on various levels within the game and come up with ideas for what they’d like to do with the  charming characters.


Lastly, Square Enix mentions that those who aren’t familiar with Final Fantasy VII are welcomed. Since it’s been over 20 years since the release of the original title, it isn’t strange to see developers today, including current employees at Square Enix, who know of characters such as Cloud and Sephiroth but never played Final Fantasy VII. That said, they hope the new recruits have an interest in the theme and can help create the game with fresh new ideas.


We learned during a Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary event last month that there’s been some design changes for Cloud and other characters we’ve seen in past trailers, so it seems like Square Enix has been pretty busy shaping up Final Fantasy VII Remake the past few months. Unfortunately, they said that it’ll be a while until we get to see the new screenshots that were showcased during the event, so we might have to wait until E3 to see the progress for ourselves.


Final Fantasy VII Remake is in development for PlayStation 4.

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