Final Fantasy X Kabuki Shows Off Cast in Costumes

final fantasy x kabuki

A new key visual for the upcoming Final Fantasy X kabuki stage play appeared on the official Twitter account. Previously, there was a teaser video featuring Nakamura Yonekichi V performing the Sending while in character as Yuna. Other members of the cast include Nakamura Shido, Onoe Matsuya, and Nakamura Hashinosuke.

All of the party members, from Tidus to Rikku, appear on the poster. We can also see Jecht, Seymour, and Braska. Ogami Kikunosuke will play Tidus. As a reminder, you can actually buy tickets for just half of the show. The Final Fantasy X stage play will adapt the entire game.

Here is the full cast list for the Final Fantasy X kabuki stage play:

  • Auron: Nakamura Shido
  • Braska: Nakamura Kinnosuke
  • Cid: Nakamura  Karoku
  • Jecht: Bando Yajuro
  • Kimahri: Bando Hikosaburo
  • Lulu: Nakamura Baishi
  • Luzzu: Nakamura Mantaro
  • Rikku: Kamimura Kichitaro
  • Seymour: Onoe Matsuya
  • Tidus: Onoe Kikunosuke
  • Tidus (Young): Onoe Ushinosuke
  • Wakka: Nakamura Hashinosuke
  • Yuna: Nakamura Yonekichi
  • Yunalesca: Nakamura Shinobu

As a reminder, Nakamura Karoku, Nakamura Kinnosuke, and Onoe Ushinosuke will only appear in the second half.

Both the characters’ outfits and the music have had rearrangements to them to fit the kabuki aesthetic. This generally means that there is a more traditional Japanese feel to them. You could hear that in the Sending video as well.

The Final Fantasy X kabuki stage play will take place in Japan from March 4 to April 12, 2023.

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