Final Fantasy XI November Login Campaign Includes Ixion Mount

FFXI November Login Campaign Includes Ixion Mount

Square Enix revealed the Final Fantasy XI November 2022 Login Campaign rewards, and Ixion is among them. Specifically, the character who often appears as a summon of sorts is available as a mount. If someone collects 500 points over the course of the month, they can exchange them for it. People can start earning points to get it on November 10, 2022.

Ixion is a recurring thunder-related character in the Final Fantasy series. It debuted as a FFX summon. Since then, it also appeared in FFXI, XII, XIV, and XV, as well as spin-offs like Dissidia. Square Enix also “honored” the character by naming FFXI and FFXIV worlds in Data Centers after it.

Here’s the full list of Final Fantasy XI November 2022 Login Campaign rewards.

10 Point Tier:

  • Athena Orb
  • Beastmen’s Seal
  • Cordial Invite
  • Cracked Nut
  • Fossilized Bone
  • Fossilized Fang
  • High Kindred’s Crest
  • Kindred’s Crest
  • Kindred’s Seal
  • Martial Ball Invite
  • Mercenary Camp Entry
  • Pest Repellent
  • Pungent Powder
  • Pungent Powder II
  • S. Kindred Crest
  • Seasoning Stone
  • Tarazacum Orb
  • Training Grounds Key

100 Point Tier:

  • Astral Cube
  • Copse Candy
  • Drill Calamary
  • Dwarf Pugil
  • Eudaemon Cape
  • Eudaemon Blade
  • Eudaemon Ring
  • Eudaemon Shield
  • Excalipoor
  • Leech Belt
  • Mog Kupon I-S1
  • Slime Belt
  • Zinnia Orb

300 Point Tier:

  • ♪Beetle
  • Blizzard Brand
  • ♪Crab
  • Cumulus Masque
  • ♪Dhalmel
  • ♪Golden Bomb
  • ♪Goobbue
  • ♪Iron Giant
  • Wyrm Masque +1
  • Wyrmking Suit +1

500 Point Tier:

  • Ixion Mount

750 Point Tier:

  • Beastly Shank
  • Blue Pondweed
  • Brigand’s Chart
  • Honey Wine
  • Kitchen Brick
  • Kitchen Plate
  • Kitchen Stove
  • Pirate’s Chart

1,000 Point Tier:

  • Caliber Ring
  • Facility Ring
  • Frayed Sack (Fer, Pel, and Tau versions available)
  • Mog Patio Plans
  • Worn Sack (DD+2, DO+2, DS+2, DT+2, LD+2, LO+2, LS+2, LT+2, SD+2, SO+2, SS+2, and ST+2 versions available)

1,500 Point Tier:

  • Beryllium Ingot
  • Exalted Lumber
  • Hepatizon Ingot
  • Maliya Coral Orb
  • Mundus Shield
  • Red Pondweed
  • Savory Shank
  • Sif’s Macrame
  • Sweet Tea

Final Fantasy XI is available on PCs. The FFXI November 2022 Login Campaign will run from November 10, 2022 until December 2, 2022. People can exchange any points they earn for rewards until December 9, 2022.

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