Final Fantasy XII’s UK launch party


To make up for the much delayed launch, Square-Enix threw an awesome launch party for fans in the UK. It’s nothing like the chic midnight launch event in France, this one has cosplayers and the producers of the game meeting fans. Siliconera reader, Ryu Kazama, was at the party and was kind enough to send pictures from the event. Here’s what happened and how he got his imported Final Fantasy XII PS2 signed:


“Wrist bands were available from 9am, however, I was too late to get a Gold band to secure myself a moogle (quite sad about that). Apparently people were lining up since 6am! Anywho, I was irritated that I still had to purchase the game to get a black band, which was to ensure you got a signature or something. I already imported the US Collectors Edition months ago so I wasn’t looking to buy the PAL game just yet. Luckily I can get an exchange for whatever else I want.


The turnout was pretty good and me and my friend did manage to catch a few elder people, either there for their kid who SHOULD have been at school or are genuine fans themselves…or they like crowds.


Free shirts, postcards and posters were being handed out, though they seemed kind of stingy on those and giving them all to cosplayers…who weren’t even dressed as FFXII characters. I still managed to nab three posters, 4 postcard sets and the 5 track sample OST (5/100 tracks is one teeny sample). One lucky person also was given the complete FFXII OST, which "has no monetary value"…..yeah…that’s why I got mine on release from Play-Asia for £20 or so and other good import sites still sell it.


Unfortunately there was a 1 item limit (unless you got lucky) so I was unable to get my Limited Edition UK guide or US Collectors Edition signed.



And for a little story:


When I went up to get my PS2 signed, I was asked for a gold pen, as they had only black. Fortunately I came (sort of) prepared and pulled out my 2 gold and 1 silver pens. However…they failed to work. Minagawa was like "?!" and we both just laughed at how none of the pens were working. I was quite embarrassed. Two helper ladies quickly grabbed the pens and bashed/scribbled with them to get them working, and finally they did. Both Minagawa and Kawazu seemed quite amused by this little incident.


I later was able to get them two to pose with my PS2 by asking what I think was a Square Enix employee. "Nice touch" he said. I asked for them to pose for me too, and Kawazu seemed to recognize who I was from the incident.


So, the moral of the story is make sure your pens work beforehand…alas my excuse was as all pens were new, I only wanted to use one or two and get a refund on the others. Now I can’t cause they’ve all been opened. D’oh!!


Lastly, I took a photo of my signed PS2 beside my screen as a sort of "This is really my PS2 and not someone else’s".”


Thanks for sharing what happened at the launch party with everyone and congrats on getting your Judgemaster PS2 signed! Here are some more photos Ryu Kazama sent us:








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