Final Fantasy XI’s Second May 2023 Update Released

Final Fantasy XI May Update

The latest Final Fantasy XI May 2023 update released. It is the second update for May, after producer Yoji Fujito stated the volume of content was larger than anticipated for a single update.

Final Fantasy XI‘s newest update brings The Voracious Resurgence story to an end after its three-year run. Completing this story chapter will enable players to reforge their Prime Weapon to stage three, but they will need a stage two Prime Weapon to continue the story. In addition, the update adds new items, new titles, and new enemy behavior when taking part in a Sortie.

The previous May update mostly focused on Ambuscade, switching the enemy encounters to Orcs. No other adjustments were made to this month’s Ambuscade, and Fujito encouraged players to dust off their old strategies. The update also contained new recipes and items, along with general maintenance updates and client environment adjustments.

Previously, Yoji Fujito had updated players on Final Fantasy XI’s upcoming roadmap. He stated they would be aiming for a “more realistic” roadmap that focuses on maintaining the game’s existing content. The 21st Vana’Versary Celebration Campaign is currently taking place as part of these plans, and will end on May 31, 2023.

Final Fantasy XI is available for Windows PCs, and the latest update released on May 24, 2023.

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