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Final Fantasy XIV 5.5 Preliminary Patch Notes Reveal 9S and 2B Hairstyle

Final Fantasy XIV Preliminary Patch Notes 2B 9S Hairstyle 5.5

Square Enix has released the preliminary patch notes for Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.5 to the official Lodestone website. Like previously released patch notes, this information includes where to pick up new main scenario quests, screenshots of new housing items, and a new hairstyle that will be added into the game. Furthermore, the preliminary patch notes for Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.5 also detail a few changes that will arrive with the update.

Since these are the preliminary patch notes, some information is missing. As usual, it will be provided when the patch notes release in full. However, this page does contain a plethora of information and images about new content that will make its way into Final Fantasy XIV. Outside of the mentioned housing items, new clothing items will be available. Additionally, players will be able to obtain a new hairstyle fashioned after 2B and 9S. These hairstyles will not be gender locked.

Other new items include crafted housing exteriors, the previously mentioned housing items that can decorate the interior or exterior of your home, and other furnishings. Previously released information has included the reveal of the new mounts players will be able to obtain in the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.5, such as a new dragon-style mount.

Final Fantasy XIV is immediately available for PlayStation 4 and PC, with Patch 5.5 arriving on April 13, 2021 alongside a PlayStation 5 beta.

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