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Final Fantasy XIV 6.05 Full Patch Notes Released

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.05 Full Notes

Square Enix released the full patch notes for Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.05, which includes a list of new items that were made available through the patch. Additionally, the full patch notes for Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.05 includes a list of all recipes that arrived along with the update. Items on the crafting list vary from consumable items to item level 580 gear that can be obtained through crafting. Players can now find the recipes in full through the official Lodestone website without having to log into the game.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.05 added more than just new items into the game. Savage content for the Pandaemonium raid series is also now available, allowing players to obtain higher item level gear. Additionally, with the 6.05 update players can now obtain new armor and weapons through Tomestone exchange.

Final Fantasy XIV Producer Naoki Yoshida revealed new information leading up to 7.0 will appear in late February. Yoshida mentioned this briefly during a Radio Mog Station broadcast. He also noted that characters such as Thancred and Krile will become more prevalent in story related content. Additionally, Yoshida discussed in detail several changes that were made to the A.I. of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn to make them feel more individual during Trusts.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for PS4, PS5, and PC.

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