Final Fantasy XIV Animated Short Explores the Daily Life of Adventurers

Final Fantasy XIV Animated Short

A new Final Fantasy XIV animated short explores the daily life of adventurers in the world of Eorzea. The official Final Fantasy XIV Korea YouTube channel uploaded the video, which primarily sees the world through the eyes of an adventurous Miqo’te. That being said, the short does provide a look at other activities in the world, like adventuring and and socializing.

A majority of the short takes place in the coastal city Limsa Lominsa, and perfectly encapsulates what the social experience is like in the starter town. You can see various characters crafting by the marketing board, and some characters using the perform skill to play music for those lingering around the aetheryte plaza. This video is currently only available in Korean.

You can check out the Final Fantasy XIV animated short below.

This isn’t the first time Final Fantasy XIV has received an animated short. In Japan, a series of animated shorts was released. They followed the lives of two different players who end up bonding through the game. The storyline culminates with the players getting married in-game and taking on various challenges together in the world of Eorzea.

Final Fantasy XIV is immediately available for PC and PlayStation 4. A PlayStation 5 beta test is scheduled for April 13, 2021.

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