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Final Fantasy XIV Details Plans On What’s To Come For Patch 4.1 And Beyond



Final Fantasy XIV producer/director Naoki Yoshida and Main Scenario writer Natsuko Ishikawa had plenty to share on the MMORPG at Gamescom 2017. Here are highlights of talk on Patch 4.1 and beyond. [Thanks, /r/FFXIV.]


Here are the highlights from interviews conducted by Game Watch Impress, Famitsu, Dengeki, and 4Gamer, as translated by /u/elevenmile:


  • Pre Patch 4.1 will see small scale updates (PVP Adjustments)
  • Royal Menagerie Extreme confirmed
  • More ways for you to utilize clan mark logs and GC currencies, like exchange for more things and so on
  • There might be plans to implement upgrades to your Weathered (In English: Antiquated) job quest equipment (those you received from job quests) in the future. (Might?)
  • They are starting to focus in doing something about (the core system of) Glamours
  • They want to expand on inventory slots/ the amount of items you can hold, and also have smartphone app features linked to the game.
  • 4.1 will see friend list registration on different servers, along with Tell feature usable cross server.
  • A “group chat”-ish feature will see its implementation on patch 4.2. Currently in works.
  • Though on the subject of making items stack-able up to 999, they couldn’t make it for patch 4.1.
  • Return to Ivalice will contain a whooping load of spoilers, and they will only introduce parts of it.
  • 4.1 content feature in the upcoming PLL may be introduced almost without holding back, so all of it will be disclosed.
  • For more in depths, they might make a Patch 4.1 introduction Part 2 to introduce them?
  • They will also announce a new high difficulty mode, harder than Omega Delta Savage in Patch 4.1, in the upcoming PLL as well.
  • NGC Crafting Committee might create a whole load of original quests for the upcoming 14 hour broadcast
  • There may be loads of upcoming surprises for the costume Tanaka Rie (VA for Sophia and Kan-E-Senna, and Sadu) wears, and also from Yoshino Nanjo (Krile Mayer Baldesion)’s web radio corner (Named: Eorzea yori ai wo komete, From Eorzea With Love).
  • Conversation with Akihiro Hino (Level 5 CEO) will be more about the comparison between the present online games with the past.
  • On their opinion about Omega Delta Savage difficulty: Roughly as expected
  • Compared to before, a lot of people are clearing the tier. (A lot of the players cleared 2nd floor, though many are stuck and are struggling with O3S and O4S)
  • Sudo Kenji, the designer for the upcoming Beyond Savage mode, mumbles alot of unsettling words during the planning stage, and it seems that the scale is going to be rather epic (have to elaborate on this one: it’s more on the scale of dreadful, terrifying and breathless, but again, since we don’t know how it’s like yet…”epic” is more suitable of a word until the patch is released and live).
  • This content mode is going to be the hardest of all since he joined the team.
  • The difficulty is roughly about the same as The Second Coil of Bahamut Savage. (In YoshiP’s words: Please think of the difficulty to be somewhere around Second Coil Savage”)
  • No story prepared for Beyond Savage.
  • Banri Oda (World Setting/Scenario Writer) wrote the story for Ala Mhigo up to Kugane, while Natsuki Ishikawa did mainly on the eastern side of the stories.
  • The possibility of adding more Aetherlytes in the future = None
  • Though there are plenty of places like Ame no Mihashira contains load of meanings but is otherwise unused…maybe it will be used in the future?
  • On Magnai, whether he will appear in the future is uncertain, though they have ideas and consideration, but it’s not confirmed.
  • Swimming related contents, if any, will revolve more on 4.0 areas instead.
  • On Jump potions, it is not as used THAT much as people would have thought
  • No collab announcements with Youkai Watch
  • There is a possibility that 4.x series will contain Patch 4.6, 4.7 and so on



  • Though when asked if YoshiP is interested in adding more language support to the game. He mentioned that he wanted it, but the risk of adding too many language may breakdown the scenario team as the result, and not to mention they have to rely on may other translation companies in order to get them out.


  • On collaborations and tie-up in countries outside JP, EU is the one that saw the most growth of players thanks to the promotion.


  • On Forums, since the majority of the people who use the OF speak English, YoshiP sees little point in adding other forum language support because of that. To add further on that, taking the posting frequency into mind, the moment more language support is added, at the same time adding more forum language support will slow down various things, so for the time being, utilizing the English forums instead will get faster responses and getting feedback relayed a lot faster.


Final Fantasy XIV is available for the PlayStation 4 and PC.