Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker new ffxiv expansion

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Is the New FFXIV Expansion

Square Enix announced a new expansion for the MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV, as part of a live-streamed showcase on February 5, 2021. The expansion is called Endwalker and will be available in Fall 2021.

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The announcement trailer for Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker aired at the beginning of the event and featured one of the game’s main characters, Alphinaud, fighting alongside the Warrior of Light. Alphinaud used what appeared to be an arsenal of magical swords. This was soon revealed to be a demonstration of the new Sage job that is being added to the game. Another job will be added as well, although details have yet to be released about it. We know that it will be a melee DPS.

Yoshida also discussed the new FFXIV expansion’s story, drawing focus to the similarity between the words “Final” and “End.” Yoshida stated that these terms are alluding to the end of the Hydaelyn saga that has been playing out in the game over the last ten years. Unlike past expansions, Endwalker’s story will “complete itself” by the end of the 6.0 release. Yoshida assured the audience that this doesn’t mean that Final Fantasy XIV itself is coming to an end. Instead, 6.0’s conclusion will mark the start of a new saga. He also mentioned that he would continue his work on Final Fantasy XIV, stating that he personally feels he will work on the game “for his whole life.” According to him, it is his life’s work.

The story will see the player’s character, The Warrior of Light, go on a journey to the moon. There, people will learn about secrets regarding the gods, Hydaelyn, Zodiark, and other aspects of the game. Additionally, the expansion will shine light on how the character Alphinaud came to change to the Sage job.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker will increase the game’s level cap from 80 to 90. It will also allow players to visit Garlemald, fight Anima, participate in an original high-end raid called “Pandemonium,” and undertake dungeons and other activities with a dragoon called Estinien, who is being added to the game’s Trust system. The Ishgardian Residential District and a new mode where players can cultivate a private island, raise animals, and play with their minions were also announced.

Final Fantasy XIV is currently available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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