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Final Fantasy XIV Goes Diving Into The Palace Of The Dead Deep Dungeon



Final Fantasy XIV is nearing its upcoming patch 3.35, which will bring with it new content for adventurers to explore. Perhaps the biggest piece of entirely new content arriving in the patch is the introduction of The Palace of the Dead. A recent post on the game’s official Developer’s Blog gives us a look at what to expect from this Deep Dungeon.


To begin the Deep Dungeon quest, players must be at least level 17. The unique dungeon features its own separate leveling and equipment system, meaning that, while inside the Palace of the Dead, you will be working your way up from level 1. To gain levels, players must defeat enemies. Treasure chests found in the dungeon will also reward weapons that can be used to further enhance your character. Additionally, treasure chests may also drop special items you and your team can use to strategically move from floor to floor.


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However, should you or a party member fall in battle, there are special stone towers that can be activated that will revive said player. Phoenix Downs can be used to revive knocked out players, as well, meaning there is no strict guideline for party composition and players can go as whatever class they wish.



Lastly, the Deep Dungeon also uses its own save feature to help preserve your progress.


Final Fantasy XIV is available for PC, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

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