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Final Fantasy XIV Guitar Picks Sold for Fender Collaboration

Final Fantasy XIV Crystal Shard Guitar Picks Sold for Fender Collaboration

The collaboration between Fender Music and Final Fantasy XIV won’t be limited to a special guitar and an in-game emote. Eorzea-loving guitarists can now shred in the light of the crystal with a new set of Final Fantasy XIV crystal shard guitar picks [Thanks, Famitsu].

The Final Fantasy XIV guitar picks are sold as a set, and officially titled “Final Fantasy XIV Crystal Shards”. They’re lightly inspired by the Job Crystals used by the game’s various character classes. That said, they still need to function as actual guitar picks, so their shapes don’t quite match up to the ones in-game. The picks are faceted to reflect the “crystal” element used in the franchise’s aesthetic. Similarly, the various colors and coatings employed were chosen for their ability to shine and collect light like a true crystal might.

FFXIV Guitar Picks

In addition, the Final Fantasy XIV guitar picks come in various sizes. Each is about 3.7mm thick at maximum. A concave cut on the rear side of the pick makes it easier grip. The set includes five colors named after the Japanese title of each FFXIV expansion: “Eorzea Reborn” (A Realm Reborn, light blue), “The Blue Sky of Ishgard” (Heavensward, dark blue), “Crimson Liberator” (Stormblood, red), “Jet-Black Villains” (Shadowbringers, purple) and “Dawn’s Finale” (Endwalker, white). All the picks are tapered towards their ends to facilitate use. The set also includes a special storage box.

The FFXIV Crystal Shards guitar picks are available for pre-order on Fender Music’s Japanese website. The set costs JPY 4,400 (about USD $38). The special Final Fantasy XIV Stratocaster costs JPY 396,000 (about USD $3,442). The game itself is available for PS4, PS5, and PC. The Endwalker expansion will launch on December 7, 2021.

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