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Final Fantasy XIV Pandaemonium Raid Boss Artwork Shared


Square Enix uploaded the official artwork for the Pandaemonium raid bosses to the official Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker website. This includes detailed renders of the bosses from the individual raids that are immediately accessible to players. However, while the spoiler ban for Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker has lifted, the official artwork for the Pandaemonium raid bosses do reveal some entirely new designs. Additionally, the official artwork features all four bosses from the raids, including the final boss. These images will be shared below, so please keep that in mind before reading ahead.

You can take a look at the artwork of the Pandaemonium raid bosses below.

Additionally, through the release of Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.05, the Savage version of the Pandaemonium raids are available. However, in order to access this more challenging content, players must complete the normal version of Pandaemonium first. The normal version of the raids were introduced through Patch 6.01, which also saw the addition of new armor sets. That said, only the initial armor sets were released through Patch 6.01, with Square Enix revealing weapons would be made available in the future. Now, players can obtain new, higher item level armor sets and weapons through the Savage versions of the Pandaemonium raid.

Final Fantasy XIV is immediately available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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