Final Fantasy XIV producer, Naoki Yoshida, reported in this week with another “Letter from the Producer” column over at the Square Enix forums. Yoshida showed off an auto-attack trailer (watch it above) he’d prepared for fans to watch, and revealed that auto-attack functionality would be prioritized for patch 1.18.


The full list of bullet points provided by Yoshida for patch 1.18 were as follows:


  • Auto-attack functionality will be prioritized in 1.18.
  • Attack motion diversification and fine-tuning are planned for 1.19.
  • Battle classes only will receive auto-attack.
  • The stamina gauge will be abolished with the introduction of auto-attack.
  • Recast timers will be adjusted for certain actions obtained via quests and guild marks whose action costs were managed solely through the stamina gauge.
  • Certain actions dependent on the stamina gauge will have their effects adjusted.
  • Characters will be made able to switch between passive and active modes while moving.
  • Multiple attacks during auto-attack is also being planned for the future.


Due to the amount of work involved, patch 1.18 will be delayed by two weeks beyond its initially planned mid-June release. Yoshida promises, however, that it will be a “heavyweight among patches”.

Ishaan Sahdev
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