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Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.05 Adds Pandaemonium Savage Raids

Final Fantasy XIV Pandaemonium Savage

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.05 has added the Pandaemonium Savage raids into the game. Square Enix released patch notes for the Final Fantasy XIV 6.05 update, which revealed how players can access this new content. In order to access the Pandaemonium Savage raids made available through Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.05, players will need to have completed the normal Pandaemonium raids. Completing the Savage raids will reward players with Coffers to obtain item level 605 weapon and armor sets.

To unlock the Savage raids, players will need to head to Labyrinthos and speak to Nemjiji at X:8.4, Y:27.5. However, as mentioned previously, players will have needed to complete the normal Pandaemonium raids in full. Additionally, the quest can only be undertaken by a level 90 Disciple of War or Magic Job Class.

There are also some stipulations to acquiring the Asphodelos Armor or Weapon Coffers through the Savage raids. Specifically, if players go into any of the Savage raids prior to the weekly reset, the amount of Coffers that will appear will decrease. The patch notes state that if there are 5-7 players replaying a raid, no Coffers will appear. Additionally, players can obtain gear from the Pandaemonium Savage raids through the exchange of Asphodelos Mythos. Different Asphodelos Mythos will drop depending on the tier of Pandaemonium Savage Raid run.

FFXIV is immediately available for PS4, PS5, and PC.

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