Final Fantasy XIV Players Have Played Over 96 Billion Total Hours

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A census was recently posted on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s Lodestone detailing a wide range of interesting and occasionally humorous statistics gathered from the game. The census was originally shown during the 14-hour stream event to celebrate the game’s 2-year anniversary. Below are a few of the graphs created from the census.


Gender Distribution:


The first graph shows the distribution of gender between created characters. Amazingly, Japan is split down the center with an equal share of male to female. North America boasts a larger distribution of male characters to female, while Europe is nearly the exact opposite, showing a greater population of female characters.


Race Distribution:


The second graph shows the distribution of race, with Hyur being the most prevalent in Japan and North America, while Europe’s most popular race is the Miqo’te. In all three regions, the newest race, the Au Ra, was the least prevalent.


Average Level:


According to this graph, the average overall level rose only slightly since last year.


Average Level (New Jobs):


It appears that in the first few weeks into the expansion, only about a fifth of the players who tried out new jobs were able to level them past 50.


Average Level (Gatherer):


This graph shows that the average level of the three gathering classes are quite similar.


Role Distribution (Level 31 to 60):


The role of DPS is the most prevalent with over half of the total percentage, while Healer and Tank distribution are practically equal.


Job Distribution:


The graph shows that the most popular jobs overall in the game are Black Mage and White Mage, followed by Bard, Paladin, and Dragoon.


Total Playing Hours of All Characters:


Perhaps one of the more staggering statistics is the total hours spent playing the game. Players have spent over 96 billion hours on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn since it’s release.


Grand Company Allegiance:


According to this graph the distribution amongst the three Grand Companies has more or less stayed the same over the last year.


Total Gil Amount from All Worlds:


This graph shows there is more than 3.5 trillion total Gil in all the worlds combined. That’s a lot of Gysahl Greens!


Top 5 Rarest Minions:


The rarest minion in the game is the Iron Dwarf, obtainable through an Armorer’s recipe. The Clockwork Barrow, a Carpenter’s recipe, was second rarest, followed by the adorable Gestahl, who is obtainable through retainer ventures.


Top 5 Rarest Mounts:


The rarest mount in the game is the War Panther, obtainable by completing 200 full party duties as a Dark Knight. The second rarest is the Parade Chocobo, which is a commendation achievement award, followed by Fenrir, a prize worth one million points at the Gold Saucer.


3.0 Dungeon Attempts:


In the weeks after the Heavensward expansion, the dungeon most attempted by players was Neverreap, followed by the Fractal Continuum and The Vault.


Adventurers That Have Completed Alexander: Gordias


This shows the amount of players that have completed all four floors of Alexander, both Normal and Savage Mode. As of September 6th, 58 people have now managed to completely clear Savage Mode.


Jumbo Cactpot Winners:


Since the addition of the Gold Saucer, 378 adventurers have won the Jumbo Cactpot’s grand prize.


Ceremonies of Eternal Bonding:


Over 67,000 Ceremonies of Eternal Bonding have taken place since marriage was implemented back in December 2014.


Shout-Outs to YOSHIDAAA!!!


Between the start of Heavensward early access and the beginning of August, people made shout-outs to producer Naoki Yoshida 236,192 times, most often in Link Shells and Free Company chat.


You can visit the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Lodestone if you would like to see the rest of the census.

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