Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Brings Gilgamesh Back With Patch 2.51

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Prior to the upcoming expansion, Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, the MMORPG will get one last major update, with the first part of Patch 2.5 launching this Tuesday. Square Enix shares its latest note on what we’ll get from the update.


In addition to adding more to the main scenario storyline, the 2.5 update will also have the latest on Hildibrand’s adventures.



Best of all, his iconic “Most Gentlemanly” pose will also be added as an emote for players.


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“The Keeper of the Lake,” “The Wanderer’s Palace (Hard),” and “Ampadaor Keep (Hard)” are the three new dungeons we’ll get from  the update. All three will require you to be of level 50 and have an average ilvl of 90 or above.


a5a072656ab605ef70ac3612d91f30e41d038115_14 Greg—er Gilgamesh is also back, and this time he brought more arms and swords to play with, in the “Battle in the Big Keep” fight. It’ll require a party of eight players of ilvl 90 or above.



“The World of Darkness,” the next raid of the Crystal Tower arc, is one of Patch 2.5’s most anticipated features, where 24 adventurers will gather together and take on an instance.


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The above is a look at the new set you can get from World of Darkness, on the left.


[Note: the English patch note page shows the set on the right as the WoD set, but Yoshi-P already shared a look at the gear we’ll get, which is seen on the left. Perhaps the ones on the right comes from the three new dungeons.]


Another big feature is the addition of a new mass PvP mode, Borderlands Ruins (Slaughter). The previous version of it, in the Cartenau Flats:Borderlands Ruins, will be renamed as Borderland Ruins (Secure).



The new mode adds Teleporters at key locations, allowing players to cross great distances instantaneously, so it seems like there will be more action and a little less travel going on.


They also changed the Limit Break system for Frontline, as the new “Adrenaline Rush,” which is pretty much the same, but with a few adjustments. Here’s what they’ll be like:


  • Tanks: Aegis Boon—Temporarily reduces damage taken by all party members by 50%.


  • Melee DPS: Raw Destruction—delivers an attack to a single target.


  • Ranged Magic DPS: Cometeor—Deals unaspected damage to all enemies near point of impact.


  • Healer/Ranged Physical DPS: Empyrean Rain—Restores 50% of own HP and the HP of all nearby party members, as well as cure all status effects.


Combat rank bonuses will also affect the rate at which the adrenaline gauge fills, with 1st getting none, 2nd filling 1.25 times faster, and 3rd getting it 1.5 times faster. Defeating four or eight players consecutively will also grant damage and adrenaline bonuses as well.




Finally, here’s a look at some new hairstyles for Patch 2.5. You can check out our earlier report to get a good look at some of the major additions. You can also read the full patch notes, here.


Patch 2.5’s first part will release on January 20th, with part 2 of the “Before the Fall” finale storyline sometime around the end of March. The Gold Saucer and its mini-games will be available on Patch 2.51, which releases sometime in late-February.

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