Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Introduces The Astrologian And Machinist Jobs

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The Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Tokyo took place this week, and Square Enix had the latest to show on what we’ll see in the 3.0 Heavensward expansion, including two new jobs to go with the Dark Knight.


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The first is a look at the Astrologian, a Healer job that uses a Star Globe as its main weapon. Similar to the Dark knight, they won’t have any base classes, so they’ll be available to play as right off the bat.


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It is said that Astrologians tap the power of the stars to cast potent healing magicks, while drawing energies from constellation-based divining cards to support your party. So their play will consist mostly of wielding celestial magicks and a divining deck of cards.


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Next up, is the Machinist job. They play the role of a DPS, so that means 3.0 will give us one new job for all three roles. Machinists main Firearms as their weapons, and like the Astrologian, they don’t require a base class.



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Machinists deal damage from afar using a combination of firearms enhanced with various attachments, and mechanical turrets deployed on the battlefield. The above screenshots give us an idea of what kind of tricks they’ll bring to the field.


More details on the new jobs will be revealed soon.


Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward will release in Spring 2015.

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