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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s Latest Update Makes Some End-Game Raids Easier



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Square Enix updated Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn this morning with the latest Patch 2.41, which mainly focuses on some end-game raids, by making them a little easier to beat.


The raids that are affected with the recent update are the Second Coil of Bahamut’s Turn 1, 2, and 3, or T6 through T8. Here’s what has changed:


Second Coil of Bahamut – Turn 1:



  • Damage dealt by the attack Blighted Bouquet has been reduced.


  • Damage dealt by the attack Sharp Sting used by dark matter hornets has been reduced.


  • Dark matter hornets will no longer continue to spawn after phase transitions, even when players are afflicted by the Honey-glazed status effect.


  • Damage dealt by the attack Acid Spray used by acidic honey has been reduced. Furthermore, players will no longer receive a damage vulnerability debuff.


Second Coil of Bahamut – Turn 2:



  • The attack power and evasion of Renauld has been reduced.


  • The Stone Curse status effect inflicted by Cursed Voice and Cursed Shriek has been changed to Petrifaction, which now lasts only 10 seconds. Furthermore, petrified players will no longer be immediately incapacitated upon taking damage.


  • When afflicted with Cursed Voice or Cursed Shriek, Renauld will now be petrified for 60 seconds.


  • Damage dealt by the ground attack Discipline has been reduced.


Second Coil of Bahamut – Turn 3:



  • The enhancing effect granted to the Avatar when multiple support modules are charged in unison has been reduced.


  • Damage received from the Languishing effect when operating the support modules has been reduced.


  • Damage dealt by the attack Landmine Auto-detonation has been reduced.


Now that these changes have been implemented, they’re actually quite easy, and you can even complete them in a Duty Finder with ease—yes, Duty Finder. However, keep in mind that just because T7’s petrify doesn’t last as long, it doesn’t mean you can ignore them!


Players will also receive the power of the Echo upon entering the Second Coil of Bahamut, which increases maximum HP, damage dealt, and healing potency by 10%.


You can read the full notes on Patch 2.41, here.

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