During this past weekend’s NicoNico Super Meeting 3, Square Enix held a special stage event for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, called “Super F.A.T.E. in Tokyo” where producer Naoki Yoshida and other key developers talked about future updates for the game. Below are the summarized highlights of Famitsu’s reports from the two-day event (Part 1, 2, 3, and 4).


Classes and Jobs:


  • More details on new classes/jobs will be revealed later at future events, such as E3, Japan EXPO, and Gamescom. New classes/jobs that involve the use of daggers/knives and guns have been hinted in the game, with one possibly being Thief (or Ninja).


  • Black Mages will be getting buffed, since many players feel that they don’t excel as much compared to other damage dealing classes in the new Coil.


  • Summoners will be getting Leviathan and a certain “old lightning man” as their next summons. This will likely happen when the level cap is increased in the future.




  • Plans for personal rooms in Free Company housing were briefly detailed. According to Yoshi-P, this will be similar to the Mog House from Final Fantasy XI, where you can decorate it and other players can enter. Players will be able to grant permission for visits from other players.


  • As for personal housing, you’ll need a level 50 character and get up to a certain rank in the Grand Company. This will be introduced sometime after the Free Company’s personal rooms are made available in Patch 2.3, and the size will be a little larger than the ones at the inns. The prices will be around 850,000 gil, which Yoshida says might be a bit too much, so it could be lower.


  • Ul’dah isn’t exactly too popular as far as a Free Company housing area goes, so it’ll be completely revamped in scenery with nicer night skies, and less mountains and rocks that obstruct view, and more.



Dungeons, Raids, and PvP:


  • Patch 2.3 will introduce a massive PvP mode called “Frontline” that will involve three teams fighting against each other, with up to 24 players or more.


  • The next part of Crystal Tower will be introduced in patch 2.3, and there will be content in it that will make the older fans say “woah!”


  • Tam-Tara Hard Mode will be introduced in Patch 2.3.


  • Patch 2.2 and earlier updates introduced three new dungeons, all similarly dark and in night-like areas, minus the new Brayflox that Japanese fans call “Bomberman”. Yoshida says the next one will be an outdoor dungeon called “something island” with nice and clear skies.


Other Misc. Info:


  • The Gold Saucer will be revealed soon. Since contains a large amount of content, the team is still in the planning stages. There will be some Chocobo-related features, along with some combat features, and much more.


  • A marriage system is currently being discussed. It will be for sometime after Patch 2.3, and more will be announced in the near future. Brides will have special wedding dresses that will have parts that flow nicely. There will be two rings for the couple, and throwing them away will result in a “divorce”.


  • New Chocobo content will be added. There will be a breeding hut that will be released for Patch 2.3 or 2.35 that will let you train your Chocobo, and possibly change its colors depending on what you feed it.


  • Patch 2.28 is expected to be released sometime in May.


  • More hairstyles will be added in the next patch.


  • Two-man mounts are currently being tested.


  • Content that can be played with one to three people will be added in Patch 2.3.


  • Max capacity for Allagan Tomes will be increased in either 2.28 or 2.3.


  • More collaboration events with Final Fantasy XI will be planned.


[Photographs courtesy Famitsu.]

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