Final Fantasy XIV Reed Diffusers
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Final Fantasy XIV Reed Diffusers Smell Like Cities From the Game

Square Enix announced a new collection of Final Fantasy XIV reed diffusers based on cities that appear in FFXIV. They alongside the return of older fragrances.

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Each room fragrance costs 4,180 yen (or about $28) each, and they will release in Japan on December 16, 2023. They are now available for pre-order from the Japanese Square Enix online e-store.

The boxes and bottles are decorated with motifs from the cities they are inspired after, taken from their flags. Here is the list of FFXIV cities available, and the fragrances corresponding to each one of the Final Fantasy XIV reed diffusers:

  • Ul’dah – Floral Amber (Ylang-yland, Damask rose, violets, and firewood)
  • Gridania – Floral Green (Petrichor, wild rose, geraniums, and lily of the valley)
  • Limsa Lominsa – Fruity Citrus (Intense orange, woody vetiver and anise notes)
  • Ishgard – Fruity Musk (White musk, lemon flower, and bergamot)
  • The Crystarium – Floral Fresh (Lily of the valley base, lemony citrus, bergamot, and grapefruit notes)
  • Kugane – Cherry Fragrance (Added notes of violet, garden heliotrope, eucalyptus, hackberry, and peppermint)
  • Old Sharlayan – Watery Green (Apple, orange, plum, and citrus tones)
  • Ala Mhigo – Spicy Fougère (Base of citrus, herbs, and spices, with leather and woody notes)
  • Eulmore – Luxurious Floral (Rose and jasmin base, with cinnamon and pink peppercorn notes)
  • Radz-at-Han – Floral Woody (Damask rose and white grape base, musk and woody notes)

You can also take a look at the designs for each box and bottle here:

Square Enix previously announced other room fragrances based on popular game series, such as a recent collection of room sprays based on Aqua, Terra, and Ventus, from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.

The new Final Fantasy XIV reed diffusers cost 4,180 yen (~$28) each, and are expected to release on December 16, 2023. Pre-orders are now available from the Square Enix online e-store. Final Fantasy XIV is available for the PS4, PS5, and PC. An Xbox Series X version will appear in Spring 2024.

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