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Final Fantasy XIV Reveals New Information About Stormblood Expansion, New Areas, And More



During the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Frankfurt, Germany, tons of new information was revealed about the game’s upcoming expansion, Stormblood, by producer and director Naoki Yoshida.


Here’s a look at the official extended trailer for Stormblood shared by Square Enix:



As we revealed in an article from earlier, the second new job for the expansion will be Samurai. It will serve as a DPS class and will use a katana in battle. There will be no starting class requirement for Samurai and it the starting level was tentatively listed as level 50. Samurai will also use the same gear as Monks use now.


As was announced during previous Fan Fests, the level cap in FF XIV will be increased to 70, inventory capacity will be increased, and PlayStation 3 support will be discontinued. A free upgrade campaign is currently going on for PlayStation 3 players to upgrade for free to the PlayStation 4 version of the game.


It was then revealed that, in Stormblood, the Warrior of Light will travel to liberate not only Ala Mhigo from Garlean control, but also Doma. Doma will bring a huge variety of areas to the game, and many screenshots were shared, giving us a glimpse of what to expect from the new locations.





One such location will be the city Kugane, a port town off the island chain of Hingashi which observes a strict isolationist policy.



 2017-02-18_021204 2017-02-18_020909

2017-02-18_021614 2017-02-18_021628




A new beast tribe was revealed to be the Kojin, a race of skilled traders who live on or near the Ruby Sea. This beast tribe worships the primal Susano, Lord of the Revel, above all else. Susano is the second original primal made for Final Fantasy XIV, after Ravana.




New dungeons that will be available in Stormblood were also shown off.


2017-02-18_021833 2017-02-18_021848



Yanxia is a field area which is currently under Garlean control, and players can expect many confrontations there.




The Azim Steppe will be an expansive plains type of area, notably the first of its kind in Final Fantasy XIV, and many tribes of Au Ra call this area home.



2017-02-18_022348 2017-02-18_022402

2017-02-18_022415 2017-02-18_022434

2017-02-18_022454 2017-02-18_022506


With the expansion will come the addition of a new residential district as well. Players will be able to buy houses in the district of Shirogane, a Far Eastern-inspired area. While players will be able to access the housing district at launch, they will not immediately be able to purchase property until a later date.


2017-02-18_023323 2017-02-18_023418


Lastly, famed composer Nobuo Uematsu took to the stage to share a preview of Stormblood’s main theme, which will be performed by Susan Calloway. Uematsu composed both the previous main themes for Final Fantasy XIV and its Heavensward expansion, “Answers” and “Dragonsong,” and Calloway has performed both. The new theme is called “Revolutions” and will be about humanity, weakness and strength.



Final Fantasy XIV is available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC. The Stormblood expansion is set to release on June 20th, 2017.