Final Fantasy XIV Shows Its New Dungeons, Gear, And Flying Mounts For Patch 3.1

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With Patch 3.1 looming on the near horizon, Square Enix has released new details on some of the things we can expect from the upcoming patch for Final Fantasy XIV. We get a look at two new dungeons, new gear, and even some preexisting mounts that have gained the ability to fly.


The first of the two new dungeons is the Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum. Here’s some information on the Arboretum from the official Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone:


Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum was once home to the greatest collection of flora and fauna the realm had ever known. Alas, in the wake of the Exodus it has since been abandoned, the teeming life within now roaming the halls with reckless abandon. A band of treasure hunters would pierce the heart of this leafy labyrinth in search of treasure, a treasure they claim would be a boon to Idyllshire. But will this savage garden yield fortune, or folly?


Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum will require a level of 60 and an item level of 170 or higher to enter, as well as the completion of the main scenario quest “Heavensward.”



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The second dungeon coming to the game in Patch 3.1 is a Hard Mode of Pharos Sirius. Here are some details about it from the Lodestone:


With the siren banished from Pharos Sirius, reconstruction of the lighthouse is well under way. Or rather, it was, until an order of kobolds forced workers to evacuate. The Maelstrom has been swift to plan a retaking of the tower, but time is of the essence. The kobolds’ love for explosives will surely spell destruction if the beastmen are not purged with utmost haste. Once again, Limsa Lominsa asks for your aid. Descend to the depths of the tower this time, and assist in defusing the kobold threat.


Players looking to brave the depths of Pharos Sirius must be level 60 and have an average item level of 170 or more, and must have completed the main scenario quest “Heavensward,” as well as the quest “Why So Sirius.”



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We also get a glimpse of new gear that will be available in Patch 3.1, but it is unclear as of now where you will be able to obtain the fancy new attire.



Last but certainly not least, we also get a look at preexisting mounts granted the ability to take to the skies. Most notably, two-person Chocobos will be able to fly, as well as the Kirin, Ahriman, Bomb Palaquin, Magitek Armors, and Logistics System mounts.



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Final Fantasy XIV’s 3.1 Patch is expected to release sometime in November. More details will be revealed from the upcoming Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXV, which will take place on Sunday, October 25, 2015 at 3:30 a.m. (PDT).

Final Fantasy XIV is available for PC, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

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