Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood’s New Areas, Red Mage Teaser, And End Of PS3 Support

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Earlier today, Final Fantasy XIV’s next expansion, “Stormblood,” was officially announced at Fan Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. The setting of Stormblood will be Ala Mhigo, and during the opening keynote of FanFest, producer Naoki Yoshida showed off a glimpse at some of the areas players can expect to explore when the expansion releases in early summer 2017.


Below are a few screenshots of the footage taken from the look at the in-game areas.



2016-10-14_114343 2016-10-14_114358



2016-10-14_114435 2016-10-14_114447





2016-10-14_114659 2016-10-14_114909


Additionally, many more details were revealed during the keynote about the upcoming expansion, including the following:


  • The Monk job will be a focus in Stormblood just like how Dragoon was a focus in the previous expansion, Heavensward.


  • While it wasn’t officially announced, Yoshi-P wore a “Scarlet Witch” shirt, teasing a possible Red Mage job as one of the new ones for 4.0. He previously wore a Batman shirt to tease the Dark Knight job, and a 007 shirt to tease a new gunner class which ended up being Machinist.


  • The level cap will be raised from 60 to 70.


  • Stormblood will usher in a revamped battle system which will include an additional skill system overhaul and a reassessment of ineffective, unused actions.


  • The size and number of new areas will not be less than Heavensward


  • All new Primals will feature characters from previous Final Fantasy titles, but also ones original to XIV.


  • Stormblood will, of course, feature all new dungeons for players to explore, as well as new high-end raids and alliance raids


  • “The Forbidden Land – Eureka” will be unique to Stormblood, and will span its own entire area. It will include notorious monsters and might be used for next set of high-end weapons, such as zodiac and anima.


  • New gear and recipes will be added in the expansion, and the new gear will include winners of the fan-designed gear contest.


  • Item inventory will be expanded in Stormblood thanks to upgrades to the game’s servers.


  • A fourth residential area will be added, though the location of the area was not revealed.


  • The release of Stormblood will see the end of PlayStation 3 support for Final Fantasy XIV. This was also met with a cheer from the audience.



Final Fantasy XIV is available for PC, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

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