Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn producer, Naoki Yoshida, says in his Letter from the Producer column, that he has four keywords in mind for the game—rebirth, challenge, reform, and “Final Fantasy”. The release of A Realm Reborn is a little while away, though. Until it’s released, patch 1.23, which went live this week, will be tiding current Final Fantasy XIV players over.


Patch 1.23 adds six new sidequests to the game, three Grand Company quests, and a Skirmish, which is a a battle against a powerful foe on one of two instanced isles—Locke’s Lie and Turtleback Island. You can find the complete 1.23 patch notes on the game’s forum.


Additionally, there’s going to be an in-game summer festival that Yoshida says will bring yukata costumes, and provides a look at a few of these.



“As you can see, in keeping with Japanese fashion, the yukata are kinda…short,” Yoshida writes. “I must apologize in advance to those who prefer traditional full-length types. You see, some people on the team have certain…inclinations. /lol”


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