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Final Fantasy XIV’s THE PRIMALS – Out of the Shadows Is Now Available on Square Enix Storefronts


Final Fantasy XIV‘s official band, THE PRIMALS, has released their latest album, THE PRIMALS – Out of the Shadows. This is the band’s first album release since 2018. This new album includes new covers for four songs from the Shadowbringers expansion. The soundtrack will only be available to purchase via Square Enix storefronts. This includes ones online and at locations like the Eorzea Cafe. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

The official THE PRIMALS website also has various other goods listed. This includes a THE PRIMALS jacket, t-shirts, stickers and key rings. If you would like to purchase the album and aren’t able to make it to any physical locations, you can do so via the Square Enix e-STORE.

THE PRIMALS, as mentioned above, are the official band for Final Fantasy XIV. Comprised of Masayoshi Soken, Michael Christopher Koji Fox, Tetsuya Tachibana, Eikichi Iwai, and GUNN, this group has performed live at various FanFests. Their previous album included new versions of various themes for the Primals (the enemy, not the band) in Final Fantasy XIV.

This isn’t the only mini-album to be released for the Shadowbringers expansion. Last month Square Enix released a mini album for music from the 5.2 expansion. This album is also available to purchase via the Square Enix storefront.

Final Fantasy XIV is currently available for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

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