Final Fantasy XIV’s New Patch 3.1 Screens Show Its 24-Man Raid And Story

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The 3.1 patch for Final Fantasy XIV is less than a month away, and Square Enix have shared new screenshots from the upcoming patch to give players an idea of what to expect as the release looms closer.


Patch 3.1’s story will pick up where 3.0 left off, and will follow players as they help Ishgard strive towards a new future. However, such a path will not be without its share of difficulties.


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We also get a better look into the newest 24-person raid following the Crystal Tower series, the Void Ark, as well as some details about it from the official Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone:


With advances in the usage of airships and amidst the arrival of the so-called “Great Sky Age,” there are those who ride their own airships through the skies seeking hidden lands and mystery. They are known as “sky pirates.”
There has been a rumor spreading amongst the sky pirates of a ghost ship wandering across the skies – an ark filled with evil power that was created long ago by mages to run from cataclysm.


The Void Ark will require an average item level of 175 or above to enter.


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In the image below, we get a glimpse of some of the gear obtainable from the Void Ark. As for the cat, there aren’t many details yet on the creature, though it greatly resembles the Cait Sith from Final Fantasy XI, and there is a possibility of it being the new minion for Void Ark.




Final Fantasy XIV is available on PC, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

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