Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 3.1 Launches This November, Details On New Raid, And More

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Square Enix held their latest Letter from the Producer Live stream at Tokyo Game Show, where producer Naoki Yoshida and Toshio “Foxclon” Murouchi shared the latest on the upcoming Patch 3.1 update.


The 3.1 patch title was announced as “As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness.” And the meaning comes from what you’ve seen at the end of the 3.0 storyline. It will launch in early November.


2015-09-18_211011 2015-09-18_211048

The above is a look at the “Void Ark,” the new alliance raid dungeon, along with some details behind it.


2015-09-18_201605 2015-09-18_201618

2015-09-18_201633 2015-09-18_201645 2015-09-18_201657 2015-09-18_201709

The above is a look at some of the new raid dungeon.



The new 24-player raid, similar to the Crystal Tower series will be available in 3.1 The role requirements will be the same as those of the World of Darkness, meaning one tank, two healers, and five DPS.


2015-09-18_211723 2015-09-18_211736


Some of the gear you’ll get in the Void Ark.


2015-09-18_211825 2015-09-18_212153

Next, they talked about the new Exploratory Missions. This feature is done through an alliance with your Free Company airship, and you’ll encounter other parties on the same island. Islands can be accessed through expeditionary airships from the Holy See of Ishgard, and they can be done solo or through fixed parties.


2015-09-18_202523 2015-09-18_202539 2015-09-18_202600 2015-09-18_202614 2015-09-18_202632 2015-09-18_202648 2015-09-18_202705


For the Exploratory Missions, you’ll travel with flying mounts. The areas will feature powerful monsters, that include even NM and HNM-tier monsters. Gatherers can collect resources at various locations, including rare items, and items that are unique to the areas.


2015-09-18_212932 2015-09-18_212941


The above is a look at some of the gear that you can make using the unique material.


2015-09-18_213113 The Exploratory Mission rewards consist of various equipment, items, and more. The new aetherial equipment go up to ilevel 210. Unwanted items can be exchanged for points, and equipment will have random glamour. There will even be some extremely powerful equipment that can be acquired this way, with randomized stats as well.



Check here for details on the “Lord of Verminion” RTS mini-game.


2015-09-18_215128 2015-09-18_215202

The Patch 3.1 update will also add new rewards at the Gold Saucer, which you can see above. We’ll finally get the Afro hair everyone has been wanting.


2015-09-18_215301 2015-09-18_215316 2015-09-18_215325 2015-09-18_215353

And new housing looks, including a frame for Haurchefant, which has been in demand for a while.

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